Thursday, December 01, 2005

What a Joke

So I know everyone is stressing out because of finals so here's a little joke to cheer you up!

Well, there were 2 muffins cooking in an oven. The first muffin turned to the 2nd muffin and said "Sure is hot in here" the 2nd muffin turned to the first and screamed "AHHHH A TALKING MUFFIN!"


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's not goodbye, it's see ya later

So I attended a funeral yesterday. What a weird way to have a highschool reunion. Everyone was there except for one. Josh North made some bad choices after we graduated from high school and ended up driving 140 mph drunk and on drugs on I-20 last week. Why do people make choices like this?? Did he not realize how many people care about him? I will never forget the look on his mother's face as we each gave her a hug and told her how sorry we were. I hope that this event will wake up some of my other classmates who are heading down the same path as he was. I also hope that people don't remember Josh as the "drunk driver". He was much more than that. He had a big heart and was always smiling. He made swim team practice bearable. He was son and a brother and a good friend. One choice should not define who he was. He will be missed. But afterall, it's not goodbye, it's more of a see you later. I know where he is now and it's way better than here.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

you booze you lose

So, I am writing my next paper on lowering the legal drinking age to 18. The awesome thing about this is that when I went in to tutor my AVID class yesterday at Western Hills High they were reading an article about the legal drinking age. The surprising thing was that all but 2 students out of about 30 said that lowering the drinking age to 18 was "retarded". At 15 years old, they feel that when they are 18 they will be mature enough to join the army and vote for the president, but that they can't be held responsible for any type of alcohol purchases or consumption. Now these kids in my class are the ones known as the "thugs" and the trouble makers and to hear them say that they want the legal age to be 21 just sounded ridiculous coming from them. I am not sure that they really feel that way or if they felt that that was what I and the other tutors wanted to hear. Either way it helped me to thik about the topic of my paper more and I did hear some good arguments that I just might use in this next assignment. I do think it would be interesting though to ask them this same question 3 years from now when they are 18. I have a feeling that the response would be a little different than from when they were freshmen.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cynthia Cooper

So, I'm not doing so well in ethics. It's not that I'm unethical it's just that he keeps giving me B's on for extra credit we could go see Cynthia Cooper speak at UTA. Now we didn't have to bring back any proof that we were there, but I figured it would be even worse to lie to an ethics professor about an ethics presentation that we were supposed to attend. Cynthia Cooper was a WorldCom employee who blew the whistle on their accounting frauds in 2002. It was very interesting to see how she handled people's questions and how she presented her story. She is a very good speaker and made a somewhat boring accounting story interesting. She spoke of the stress she was put under as she watched people she had worked with for years be put into jail for fraud and could barely sleep knowing that thousands of people at WorldCom blamed her for their jobs being lost. She explained to the audience that the company was already broke and that her blowing the whistle was the only right thing to do. Overall, I think that the presentation was good and if you ever get the chance to see Cooper speak you won't be dissapointed.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Avid stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is a government funded program which is put into schools to encourage students to go to college. I am currently employed with Fort Worth ISD under Avid and I think it is a fantastic program. The program is for students with average to high test scores who may have low gpa's and who might be the first one's in their family to graduate high school and go to college. Most of the students in the program are also from lower income households who may not even be encouraged by the schools and counselors to try to get into the honors classes. Some people see these kids as lost causes and feel that they won't try to make good grades to go to college, but no one ever tells these kids that they are smart enough to do it. Avid helps these students realize that they can study and make good grades and they can get into the honors classes. Texas public schools need help motivating these kids and not giving up on them. There are so many high school students who can only read and write on a 5th grade level. No one has taken the time to show them that they can learn and catch up with the other students they just pass them on to the next grade. If anyone is interested (especially education majors) you can contact the Fort Worth Independent School District on line or at their office on University. It's part time with great pay and is an awesome program to be a part of.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Just Like Heaven

I recently saw the movie Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon. Before I go on, I would just like to mention that I am about to talk about one of the twists so if you don't want to know then stop reading. Anyways, after watching the movie for a bit there were some scenes that seemed to parallel the Terri Schiavo controversy. Once you find out that Witherspoon isn't dead and that she is in a coma and her soul, or mind, is contacting the man that she was destined to fall in love with, you feel kind of uncomfortabe. While the doctors are saying that she isn't going to recover and that she did not want to be on life support, Witherspoon is desperately trying to tell people that she wants to stay alive. It is kind of creepy. I don't want to give away the whole movie so I'll just stop here. Other than being reminded of Schiavo, the movie is pretty funny. I will probably watch it again, but if the Schiavo controversy really sparked some strong feelings in you then you might not want to watch it. Overall I think that this movie is entertaining, but a little to close to the argument when does a life become not worth living.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Highlights of my Day

I thought that I would mimic one of my old case studies, Casual Friday

Highlights of my Day:
1) Saw a squirrel jabbering at a mickey mouse antenna ball
2) Found that my study sheet from my accounting professor had so many errors on it that it led me to believe he is trying to trick me
3) E mailed my acct. professor because I need to talk with him and he has only one hour a week listed as his office hours on the syllabus-and this is why i came to TCU, for the good student teacher relationships....
4) the parking space I was waiting for was stolen by my enemy from ethics class.....she obviously needs that class
5) Checked my facebook every time I attempted to do homework
6) had no new friends or messages on my facebook : (
7) tried to talk my 16 yr old brother into dating the smart girl instead of the one with big boobs....
8) heard my dad give him the opposite advice
9) found out i need like 5 more of these enrichment posts for an A